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Pursuing Christian Character and Excellence in Education

Dear Parents,

For a parent, one of the most important decisions in life is selecting a school that will provide the best education for your child. This can be a difficult and stressful decision. As a Christian parent you must wrestle with the issue of whether the values and worldview taught in the school align with those taught in your home. Some Christian parents are satisfied with just knowing that their public school has one or more Christian faculty members, that crime is low in their part of town, or that the school facilities are state of the art. But are these the best criteria to use in making this significant, life-altering decision? Are there other measures worthy of consideration?
Indeed, there is an important measure for Christian parents to consider when selecting a school, namely, the worldview that the school advances. Does this worldview fit within the framework of your belief system? An effective tool to analyze worldview perspectives is a grid containing four essential elements—truth, intellectual development, Christian educators, and potential in Christ.
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If these four elements are important to you, I think you will find Harrisonville Christian School ready, willing, and able to help you in the physical, emotional, academic, spiritual, and social development of your child.
Please examine the information included on our website and schedule a visit to see how HCS aligns with the educational outcomes you have planned for your child. I look forward to helping you in this important decision.
Sincerely in Christ,

Al Sancken,

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